Why am I getting a 403 error while using the Kraken API?

This may relate to Cloudflare:


NOTE: Kraken has the "Browser Integrity Check" enabled.


This may occur if your request contains suspicious headers. For example, your request may be missing a user agent, or use a non-standard user agent; so please check your request headers.

If you're unable to create any standard requests that our system permits, send us a full copy of the request(s) that you're attempting, including your IP address and all headers. This information would allow us to investigate further.


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    Kraken User


    A withdrawal address update has been made to your Kraken account.

    Currency: XBT
    Address description: Murat Cimen

    If you are SURE this is correct, please confirm the withdrawal address by clicking the link below (otherwise it will be removed in one hour)

    I missed the time and now I can not Address kraken
    help me thanks
    [email protected]