Digital assets/cryptocurrency deposit minimums

The "Minimum Deposit" for each digital asset/cryptocurrency reflects the minimum (lowest) amount required for deposited funds to be credited to your account. Minimums take into consideration the additional transaction costs in moving funds into our own wallets.

If a deposit is below the required minimum, the funds will not be credited to your account.

The exception is for Ethereum-based tokens (ETH, ETC, REP, ICN, MLN, and GNO). With Ethereum-based tokens, deposits below the listed minimum can still be credited to your account by depositing more funds into the same deposit address as the below-minimum deposit. The entire balance of that address will be credited to your account in a single, combined deposit when the balance reaches the deposit minimum.

For other cryptocurrencies, deposits below the minimum amount will unfortunately not be credited to your account (i.e. the minimum is not stackable).

Below is a list of the minimum deposit requirements for each digital asset/cryptocurrency on Kraken. Each cryptocurrency deposit page reflects this information, too.

Digital asset/cryptocurrency Deposit minimum Stackable minimum?
Bitcoin (XBT) 0.00010 No
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ฿0.00010 No
Dash (DASH) Đ0.00010 No
Dogecoin (XDG) Ð0.00 No
EOS (EOS) Ȅ0.01000 No
Ether (ETH) Ξ0.05 Yes
Ether Classic (ETC) ξ0.2 Yes
Litecoin (LTC) Ł0.00010 No
Lumen (XLM) *0.00001 No
Monero (XMR) ɱ0.00001 No
Ripple (XRP) Ʀ0.00001 No
Tether USD (USDT) USD₮1.0000 No
Zcash (ZEC) ⓩ0.00010 No
Augur (REP) Ɍ0.10000 Yes
Iconomi (ICN) 1 ICN Yes
Gnosis (GNO) Ğ0.1 Yes
Melon (MLN) M0.1 Yes