Take Profit orders

Take profit orders allow you to set a target profit price on an unleveraged spot trade or a leveraged long or short position

Take profit orders are available as primary or as conditional close orders via the Advanced order form on Kraken.com and on our trading interface trade.kraken.com.



When the last traded price touches the Profit Price, the Take Profit order will execute immediately as a market order and will incur taker fees upon execution. 

Note that since a market order is created when your Profit Price is reached, your order may fill at a lower (in case of a sell) or higher price (in case of a buy) than the Profit Price. For markets with high volatility and relatively low liquidity like cryptocurrency markets, it is likely that your fill price will be significantly lower or higher than your Profit Price. 

Take Profit: Triggers a market order (buy or sell) when the last traded price hits the Profit Price you specify.

Profit Price: The price at which the Take Profit order triggers, specified by you.

The profit price can be set in terms of absolute price, or as a percentage. As with Stop orders, Take Profit orders can also be used to open positions (see examples for illustration).

Take Profit orders vs Limit orders

Regular limit orders can also be used as a way to take profits. Here is how the two order types differ:

  • Take Profit orders guarantee the full volume will be executed, with the risk of possible market price slippage. They incur a taker fee.
  • Limit orders guarantee the limit price or better, but cannot guarantee that all of your volume will be executed. They incur a maker fee (if done correctly).

Both order types can be used with unleveraged spot trades or leveraged long or short positions.

Example: Suppose you bought XBT at $100 and want to set a profit target at $120. You can create a take profit limit sell order with a profit price of $120 and a limit price of $120. You could achieve the same result with a limit sell order at $120, which would be the simpler solution. If you wanted to sell at market once the highest bid price reaches $120, however, this can be done by creating a take profit order with a profit price of $120. But in this scenario, your average fill price on the sell order could be below $120.

Take profit orders can also be used to open positions. Suppose you want to open a short XBT/USD position at market once the highest bid price rises to $120. You can do this by creating a take profit sell order at $120.



Image: market buy 1 XBT once the last price is >= 120 EUR 

All other Take Profit order types, such as Take Profit Limit and other combined advanced order types, are currently not enabled. Updates will be posted on our blog.