What does "Pre-Verified" mean?

If you're "Pre-Verified" for a tier, this means that you've successfully completed the verification process for this tier, so there's nothing more for you to do, but we aren't ready yet to offer this level of service in your area.

Your "area" means your country of residence, or, for US residents, your state of residence. In most cases, we can't offer this level of service in your area because we're still in the process of completing the legal requirements for operation in your area.

When you first create your Kraken account, we send you an email with the subject "Account for Kraken confirmed" that explains what services we can currently offer in your area - you may want to refer to this email for further information. We allow users to get pre-verified so they are ready to go as soon as we are, and will send an email notification at that time.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. We're working as hard as we can to complete the legal requirements as soon as possible, but unfortunately it's a slow and unpredictable bureaucratic process.