Why is my deposit on hold?

If your deposit is placed on hold, please contact Customer Support to inquire about it. Usually, it is one of the following reasons:

  1. The deposit takes you over your funding limit. The best way to resolve this is to apply for the next higher verification tier to increase your funding limits. Alternatively, you can wait for the deposit to clear automatically after a sufficient amount of time has passed.
  2. You are funding your account from a German bank account or you are a German resident who has not yet submitted their ID confirmation photo (and their Tier 3 documents, if you are currently a Tier 2 user). 
  3. If you recently made multiple deposits in the same amount, one or more of the deposits may have been put on hold to make sure they aren't part of a duplicate deposit - a single deposit that's been sent to your account multiple times due to a technical issue. The best way to avoid this situation is to send different amounts whenever you send multiple deposits within 72 hours.
  4. The name on the bank account you deposit from does not match the name on the Kraken account.
  5. Your bank asked us to put an incoming deposit on hold due to possible irregular activities.
  6. You are a Fidor account holder and this is your first transaction from Fidor to Kraken.