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Ethereum Shapella Upgrade FAQ
On-chain staking
An overview of eligibility criteria, including geographic restrictions, for on-chain staking can be found here.
Please note: Unstaking ETH in the Kraken iOS mobile apps will be temporarily unavailable, but will function as normal via the Kraken Pro web interface.
The Shanghai and Capella "Shapella" upgrades are a set of changes to the Ethereum protocol, that will allow you to unstake or withdraw your staked Ethereum (ETH) from Kraken.
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Frequently asked questions:

How long will it take to Unstake my ETH2.S?
The timeframe of unstaking is variable. It may take hours or days for your ETH balance to be visible in your spot wallet.
Under Portfolio, click on the Earn tab on your account and here you will see the exact time remaining, once you initiate unstaking, under the Time remaining column. In the Portfolio tab you will also see your staked assets, pending transactions and staking history.
On the History tab you will see Unstaking in the Pending status while the staked asset is unbonding. Once the process is complete, you will see Unstaking Success, meaning your ETH has successfully been unstaked.
How do I unstake my ETH?
Staking and unstaking ETH is only possible via Kraken Pro.
If you would like to unstake your ETH you can do so via the Kraken Pro web experience and the Kraken Pro android app. Visit our support article for a step-by-step guide to unstake your ETH.
Please note: You will not be able to unstake ETH in the Kraken Pro iOS app as this service will be temporarily unavailable.
If you have any additional questions, our support specialists are available to help you.