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Moving your Futures trading to Kraken Pro
The Kraken Pro user interface supports multi-collateral futures trading for clients - you can now access your spot, margin, and futures trading from a single advanced user interface on
I already have a Kraken Futures account, how do I move from the classic futures user interface to Kraken Pro?
Kraken Pro only supports the multi-collateral wallet for futures trading, please ensure that any funds in your holding wallets are transferred to your multi-collateral wallet
Once your funds are inside your multi-collateral futures wallet, navigate to
Click the trading pair above the order form to open the market selector
Select the futures tab to see available futures markets and select which market you wish to trade
Your open futures positions will appear in the Positions tab as well as in the futures portfolio tab, which shows your available balance and other margin details.
I do not have a Kraken Futures account yet, how do I launch Futures for the first time on Kraken Pro?
If you are eligible for futures trading and have an intermediate or pro verified account:
  • Sign into your account on
  • Navigate to a Futures market from the 'Trade' tab > Market selector > 'Futures' tab. 
  • Click the 'Unlock Futures' button at the top of the order form. 
  • You will be prompted to read and agree to the Kraken Futures (Payward Brokers) Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
I have open positions and funds held in the single collateral futures markets, can I access those via Kraken Pro?
Kraken Pro does not support single collateral futures, but you will still be able to access these markets via
Does migrating to Kraken Pro affect API trading?
No, API trading is unaffected, migrating to Kraken Pro only affects the user interface