Order may have failed / EService:Unavailable

While we experience a high flow of traffic, you may get delays in order execution or the following error messages: "Your order may have failed", a red blank, "EService:Unavailable", or "Service:Busy". In Cryptowatch, errors 809 or 820 indicate no response from the API. 

This can occur once the API response time (found here) is increasing to roughly 2,000ms. 

What can you do?

  • Please double check if an order is submitted (sometimes it takes a few minutes for the order to appear in the orders list)
  • Resubmit the order if not placed after the double check
  • Check the status page for improvements in the API response time (less than 1,500ms)


To permanently resolve the issue, we are working on infrastructure updates and an overhaul of the trading engine.

We are well aware of this issue and resolving it is our team's top priority.


**Note: The API response times are just a rough estimation.