Deposit information regarding third party payment processors (e.g. The Currency Cloud, Transferwise, etc.)

Kraken cannot accept deposits from third party payment processors for compliance reasons. Whenever possible, we will request the payment processors to block our accounts for deposit from their services. For others, we have blocks in place that will make a deposit impossible or return them automatically.

Please note that we may accept deposits from or withdrawals to third party payment processors if they provide their clients with personalised IBANs that are in the client's own name. If you are not certain whether the service you are using offers personalised IBANs, please contact their support team to get clarity on this.

Please note that we are unable to help with the tracing of third party payments that did not make it to our system. The problem lies with the payment processor and needs to be resolved by them. Please always read the full deposit information on your deposit page on how you can fund your account.