Individual Pro Account

An Individual Pro Account is a verification level that is meant for high-volume traders and high net worth individuals. If you find the account limits for either Starter or Intermediate level to be insufficient for your trading or funding needs, you may choose to apply for Individual Pro Account.

An Individual Pro Account comes with the following benefits:

Before applying for Pro account, please be sure that:

  1. You are expecting to operate outside Intermediate limits for funding or require any of the other services as listed above.
  2. Your account is already verified to Intermediate level or you have submitted all the documentation necessary for Intermediate level.
  3. You have enabled Login Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on the security page of the account.
  4. You have read the example application below as it contains the required information for Individual Pro Account.

To apply for Individual Pro:

  • Open a new support ticket,
  • Select the "Individual & Corporate Pro account application" category
  • Complete the form that is sent to your email

We're working on a secure web form to make this application process easier, but for now, please bear with us.

Purpose of Account

• Why would you like a Pro account? Please check at least one--indicate with an X next to it. Please do not highlight or bold your answers.

o Higher margin borrow limits
o Higher API rate limits
o Higher deposit limits
o Higher withdrawal limits
o Other (please explain):

• Are you creating this account on behalf of a 3rd party (If yes you will need to apply as a corporate client)?

• Do you intend to use your account as a bitcoin reseller or reseller of other digital assets as a business (If yes you will need to apply as a corporate client)?

• Do you intend to deposit/withdraw fiat (USD, EUR, etc.)? If yes, in which country is your bank account?

• If you will be withdrawing USD from Kraken to a bank account located in the US, what are your expected annual withdrawals?


• Employer (If self-employed, please describe your self-employment):

• Title/Position (Please explain in detail to ensure a faster verification process):


• Liquid net worth (please check one):

o $0-100k
o $100-250k
o $250k-1mil
o $1mil-2mil
o $2mil

• Net worth (please check one):

o $0-100k
o $100-250k
o $250k-1mil
o $1mil-2mil
o $2mil+

• Sources of Wealth (please check at least one):

o Investments
o Employment income
o Inheritance
o Other (please explain):

• Expected sum of monthly deposits (Specify units, for example $10,000)--Please be sure to fill this in even if it's just an estimate:


• Are you a politically exposed person? e.g – A senior military, government, or political official, or the relative or associate of such an official?


• Questions or Comments?